Git Happy Commits using git/hooks/post-commit

Giggle every time you make a commit. This is how sound will play after every git happy commits :) Sound file it plays:

How to setup

Open your project in the terminal. “ls -a” command will tell you all the hidden directories. If you have git initialised, then you will see a .git hidden directory there. If yes then proceed else first initialise git using “git init” command

  git init

Assuming you are in the directory where you have initialised git. Open “post-commit” file like

  mate .git/hooks/post-commit

Type this and save the file.

  afplay ~/.git/happykids.wav > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Go to you home directory by just typing


Create a hidden directory git ie

  mkdir .git

Navigate to that directory i.e.,

  cd .git

Download the sound file in that directory i.e.,


Now go back to your project directory and make a commit..:)