How to optimize image uploaded via paperclip

Previously I wrote a post for saving image as progressive image, continuing the same, here is and another gem to reduce the size of the progressive image.

  gem "paperclip-compression","~> 0.1.1"


  class User < ActiveRecord::Base
           has_attached_file :avatar,
                :styles     => { :medium => "300x300>", :thumb => "100x100>" },
                :processors => [:thumbnail, :compression]

From previous learnings we can optimize this code as:

  has_attached_file :attachment, {
  :styles => {
    :medium => ["654x500>", :jpg],
    :thumb =>["200x200#", :jpg]
  :convert_options => {
    :medium => "-quality 80 -interlace Plane",
    :thumb => "-quality 80 -interlace Plane"
   :processors => [:thumbnail, :compression]

After using this optimization trick I am able to save approx 20% of image size in my projects. Pretty nice and clean.